Cai Bristol

     "I was fortunate to have been referred to Cai by friends from the Spirit Rock community and have been working with her for a number of years. Cai has a gift of compassionately listening to her clients and deeply understanding their needs. I credit Cai with the resolution of a chronic medical issue related to a stressful career and too many years behind a computer. As a complement to her energetic healing, Cai has taught me not only how to be more in tune with my physical being but also the tools to address my stress and anxiety. Cai also helped me work through my financial fears and successfully transition from a stressful profession to work that is more closely related to my life's purpose.

     Cai has been a patient and knowledgeable teacher. I look forward to the classes on Buddhism and to her morning mini-retreats. These teachings have helped me immensely on an exciting and transformative journey.

     Recently, I experienced the profound and devastating loss of a beloved companion. Cai provided enormous support. Her authentic presence, warmth and compassion in the final days of life, and her remarkable gifts of providing a Tibetan powa practice were a great comfort to me in the days after his passing.

     I cannot express my immense gratitude for the many ways in which Cai has provided compassionate support and healing. I have referred Cai, without reservation, to several friends who have experienced the same remarkable effects as I."

   ~ Zoe, Attorney turned researcher and animal rescue worker

    "Cai Bristol came highly recommended to me when I was facing a cancer diagnosis. Knowing there were deep seeded things that needed to shift, I began working with Cai over a 10 month period. Her insights into where my energy was blocked and old emotions were trapped in my body was invaluable to me as she helped lift and release things that were no longer serving me. Working with lifting current life and ancestral issues that were limiting my health, I felt lead to my healing, both emotional and physical. I worked with Cai pre and post-surgery to be fully aligned with healing. Cai also assisted me with clearing issues related to my professional life and family. I found my time with her instrumental to getting me to where I am today!"

   ~ Ellen, Business Consultant

     "Cai can see and work with issues at levels that are beyond what most people can see - the result is fast and deep healing in extraordinary ways."

   ~ B., Software Engineer

    "A friend sent me to Cai Bristol because I was experiencing an enormous amount of anxiety that was leading to sometimes full blown panic attacks. Medications helped but only temporarily. The anxiety would come back, and to even worse degrees. I was very skeptical about the type of work Cai offered, and especially because her appointments were over the phone. My friend offered to pay for my first treatment; otherwise I would never have considered it. When I finally got on the phone with Cai I was relieved to hear how normal she sounded. I was concerned that she was going to be odd and use new agey jargon. After the first session I was amazed at the significant reduction in my anxiety. After the second session there was even less anxiety, and after the third session I was down to very mild anxiety and only once in a while, which for me was a miracle. Cai then gave me techniques and instructions on how to manage my stress and worrying mind. She also pointed out that my unhealthy gut was contributing to the anxiety, which prompted me to seek out other practitioners who helped me to heal my digestion. I'm still amazed at how quickly Cai moved me toward feeling calmer, and was able to point me in the direction of improving my physical health. I still have no idea how she does what she does, but I don't really care anymore because I feel great. Now I use her group treatments as part of my self-care regimen and I really look forward to them."

    ~ Sarah, Administrative Assistant and mom

     "I am a musician and social activist, and my wife is from Honduras and works in the Food Industry. My wife was suffering from many unexplainable things such as fainting spells, hearing voices, losing touch with reality, and severe anxiety attacks. She told me that she had been able to see spirits since she was a young child, and that she has had problems with fainting and hearing voices all her life.

     The almost daily fainting spells got so bad that I had to take my wife to the Emergency Room several times, and she was later seen by a Neurologist and a Cardiologist who couldn't explain any reason for what was going on. Blood tests, CAT Scans, EKG's and Chest X-rays all came back with normal results.

     At first I truly had a hard time believing that spirits were attacking my wife. I decided to contact a very close friend of mine from the Buddhist community who suggested that I contact Cai for help. Cai was incredibly helpful from the start by giving us a free phone consultation and was immediately able to assist with what was going on. Cai explained that we were both being attacked by spirits and dark forces, and assured us not to worry. We could tell right away that she was very skilled and experienced at dealing with these types of issues.

     After my wife's first appointment we noticed a tremendous improvement in her sense of well being and a significant decrease in the anxiety and fainting attacks. After the second appointment the spirits, voices, and fainting spells completely stopped and have not returned since. During each session Cai gave practical advice and recommendations. We both had several sessions each and we were completely amazed at how effective her work is via telephone."

   ~ Mike & Eloisa

     "I was introduced to Cai by someone I trust. I initially started seeing her for a chronic health issue. That was years ago. Cai has come to help me address so much more -- relationships, spirituality, professional. She has helped me to improve my overall well-being, inside and out. I've been able to heal and grow in so many ways. I truly appreciate her healing abilities and value her intuition, insights, wisdom and genuine caring. Cai's presence makes me feel more enlightened and brighter. I am a better, more solid person thanks to her."

   ~ RC, Program Manager, Tech

     "Cai Bristol is an extraordinary healer. I have been to many kinds of doctors and practitioners but none with the power, discipline and compassion that makes her so special. I had a very late stage cancer diagnosis eight years ago. I considered going to see John of God because I had heard of his ability to cure cancer, but it was too far, too expensive and I didn't have the energy to go. Luckily, four years into this often painful and scary medical condition, I met Cai. Cai did multiple treatments of deep energy work to help keep the tumors from growing, and to support my organs so they remained strong and better able to handle the chemotherapy. Most importantly, she has allowed me to live a life free of the fear of living and dying. Cai's abilities defy any western medical paradigm. She has also helped many people in my life, including my daughter with her anxiety. My daughter's prominent twitches immediately disappear after a session with Cai. What I love most about Cai is how unassuming she is. I would never have guessed that underneath the warm and very normal, working mom persona lives an incredibly powerful healer."

   ~ Kate, Film Producer

     "I've been working with Cai now for over three years. She has literally saved my life. I am both a psychotherapist and an author, and she has helped me shift and remove so many blocks that have prevented me from creating the life I wanted. She has helped me with relationship and work issues, and just being human on my journey to remembering who I am. I have transited my career and life on every possible level. I have referred both friends and clients, and they have also experienced paradigm shifts as a result of her work.

     I cannot begin to express my admiration and gratefulness for our time together. Not only is Cai a profound healer but she is simply an amazing being. Cai's generosity of spirit is healing and her connection to the Divine is a model for all."

   ~ Merle, Author   

     "Cai has helped me as a teacher, healer and mentor for many years. Her assistance has been invaluable as I have worked to heal from a chronic illness. I have taken her classes and group healing sessions, and worked with her individually. It has been a transformative journey on spiritual, emotional and energetic levels, and Cai has been there helping me all the way.

     One of the most striking characteristics of Cai is her deep compassion and supportive nature. I always know that when I take an issue to her I will get loving and thoughtful assistance. For someone who has lived with chronic illness, that is invaluable. Her loving and kind view of me has helped transform my own view of my journey.

     In addition to doing physical healing work with Cai, I started taking her Success Group Treatment class because she helped me to view my journey as a creative one, as well as a healing one. She has given me meditation instruction, which I use on a regular basis. I also attended her four-day Success Retreat that was inspiring and that helped me develop my artistic life.

     I don't hesitate to send family and friends to her for help, and I wholeheartedly recommend her work."

   ~ Martha M., Librarian and Artist