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Cai will text you at your session time to inform you that she is beginning the clearing work. (If you requested a phone call session to speak with Cai directly, she will call you at your session time.) 

During the session you may lie down or sit in a chair. It is best to be in a position that feels the most confortable for you. Please refrain from too much activity during the session, although you may move around during the session if that feels best to you. It is also helpful for you to periodically run through your list of desired outcomes and hold those outcomes in your imagination, as though they are being accomplished. It is also helpful to imagine letting go of the obstacles. If doing these activities become uncomfortable or agitating, it is best to just relax and let yourself be taken care of.

If you experience any discomfort during the session, physical or emotional, you may text Cai to let her know. Cai will then focus on clearing the discomfort. Cai will text you throughout the session to inform you of what she is focused on and to check in with you.

At the end of the session Cai will text you, to inform you that the session is complete.

Many people report having a physical or emotional experience during sessions. The most common experiences reported are gurgling sounds in the intestines, or a tingling or wave sensation throughout the body, or a light pressure and then release throughout the body. Other experiences are, deep relaxation or dream-like state, emotional release, improved mood, or feeling lighter and more optimistic.

After a session some people feel energized, some feel the need to rest, some feel their energy level is similar to before the treatment. It is helpful to drink extra water on the day of a session.

It is rare, but on occasion one might experience post-session discomfort, such as headache or stomachache, heightened negitive emotions or deep fatigue - similar to how one might feel after a deep physical cleanse. This is easy to remedy by drinking water, resting, and immediatly contacting Cai, via email, to report this experience. Once Cai knows about the discomfort she can easily adjust your energy field and bring you back into balance in a short period of time.


A day or two prior to your session please email a write-up to Cai, listing the challenges you wish to have cleared and your desired outcomes - meaning, what your life would be like without the challenges. The write-up can be as brief or as detailed as you wish. Please send write-ups to

Once the write-up is received Cai will begin the clearing work, even before your session time.

If you are a new client, please also email a current photo of yourself.

Current clients should also submit a write-up of experiences/progress/challenges experienced in between sessions.

It is ideal if you can give yourself a small window of time to take it easy immediately following a session - 15 minutes before engaging in your next task is a good amount of transition time. It is recommended to drink water after a session.

* IMPORTANT: DO NOT DRIVE during a session.


During a session, Cai will focus on clearing subtle obstacles, and support the opening for clarity and healing. The clearings can also deeply support and allow a better response to your current regimen from your doctor or therapist. Cai does not diagnose, make predictions or advise clients in decision-making.

Healing is a process; it is common to require more than one session to move through the different layers of obstacles. It is also common that the more chronic the issues, especially with physical issues, the more sessions are required. It is possible, but rare, that only one session is needed.

Cai works with adults, children, couples, families and animals. Pregnant women may receive individual work, but please notify Cai if you are pregnant.

Cai considers her work to be supportive care, and should not be used to replace the care of your physician or mental health care professional.

Cai works primarily through text. However, you may request a phone call session to speak directly with Cai.

All phone call sessions must be requested directly through the office. Phone call rates can be found on the Scheduling page.