Cai Bristol

Menla Mentorship Courses

The mentorship course was created for those wishing to add more tools to their healing practice, and for those who wish to learn more tools for self-clearing and self-healing. This is not a training or certification program.

The course also includes clearing and healing work during each class, which supports the flourishing of your healing practice and healing abilities. 

The Level 1 course runs about 6 months and meets twice a month. Level 1 must be completed before attending Level 2.

The courses are easy-going and non-committal. You may try out as many classes as you wish and you may stop the course any time you wish. However, once you discontinue you cannot start again until the next round of classes.

The courses are open to the public, however, you must schedule an interview with Cai, to determine whether or not this program will be of benefit to you.

     * Please contact the office to schedule an interview.

     * If you would like to listen to the recording from the intro talk on August 6, please use the link and password:  Password: 3762  

The start date for the next Level 1 group is the beginning of October 15, 2017, 5:00-7:00 PM Pacific Time. 

Cost: $60 per 2-hour class (some financial assistance is available, please inquire if needed)

     "The Menla Group is far and away one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Super high integrity. Consistently exceptional instruction. Information and tools that were both revelatory and practical. A group container of so much respect, compassion, and shared insight. The sessions were always powerful, useful, and rewarding. I have done a lot of personal and spiritual work in my life but the skills and awareness from this group have most definitely changed my life in a new and lasting way. I am so grateful." ~ Christa

     "Cai's Level 1 Menla Group was a gift in my life. I was so honored to be part of such a conscious, like-minded community of people. Cai's teachings are flowing waves of knowledge that she effortlessly shares and makes it feel as if we are in a true energy exchange, rather than 'school' or 'being taught' something. Her teaching style is very simple, direct and clear. She uses personal experience quite often to allow us to gain a deeper understanding. It felt like she was guiding us to our own wisdom; reuniting us with ourselves. There is also a lot of instruction and solid tools that help you grasp the teachings on a more personal level so that it can be applied to your unique situation. Being a practitioner myself, I found it so helpful to learn how she does her work but also, as a human being on this path of self-discovery and enlightenment. I felt so held and supported on my personal journey. The other participants in the group were quite present and committed to staying connected in between classes and that community strengthened my studies and created a space for deeper introspection and wisdom to flourish. I feel more familiar with what I already knew before, wiser from what I learned and extremely confident in my abilities as a healing practitioner and as a human being on this life path." ~ Dove

     "I have been seeing Cai for several years and am always amazed at how much healing occurs within one session. Working with her has been profoundly life changing. I wasn't sure what being in her Menla group would be like but I have gotten so much from it, not just healing but I have absorbed all of the tools she has taught us and I am happy I can now use these tools for myself in my life. They are simple but powerful and so helpful. It has been very empowering to be able to do this for myself and I can not wait to take the Level 2 course." ~Teresa

     "The Menla group has been awe inspiring for me both professionally and personally. It has created a completely new dimension in the way I now connect with others, myself and the world around me. Cai teaches complex methodologies in a simplistic, approachable and mindful way. I love how she makes the sessions applicable for how I may utilize new skills with my clients, and also in day to day living and interactions. All levels of knowledge and skills can benefit from this group interaction and teaching. The sessions helped to open my eyes further to self-care, boundaries, and many levels of clearing. I would definitely and highly recommend these sessions with Cai to open up a new realm of higher being and connection. Joining this Menla group was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, my family and my business. I am so ready and excited for level 2!" ~Sofina