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Group & Class Clearing


A group clearing session gives participants an opportunity to receive a 60-minute clearing in an amplified healing field. This supports significant and accelerated healing to happen in the body, mind and emotions. The group session can also support a better response to your current regimen from your doctor or therapist. During a group session there is no sharing or feedback, and the sessions are completely confidential - only Cai knows who is participating in the session. The session is done in silence, with occasional guided instructions. The sessions address all aspects of a person – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, or success in career, finance, creativity, etc.

A class clearing session is similar to a group clearing session, except there is a teaching given throughout the session about a particular subject. Participants also have the opportunity to email or text in questions.

It is best to do more than one group or class, as healing is a process and it often takes more than one clearing session to work through the different layers of the obstacles.

The groups and classes are offered via teleconference call or webcast (audio only). The groups are confidential, only Cai will know who is on the call, and she is the only person who can be heard on the line.

The groups and classes are open to the public and no previous experience with energy work or individual work with Cai is required. However, some people find it helpful to have at least one individual session with Cai, in order to receive some insight into their challenges.

*IMPORTANT: The group and class clearings are not appropriate for youths under 18 years of age, or pregnant women.


Before the group or class, it is beneficial to write down the challenges you would like to have cleared and your desired outcome - meaning, what your life would be like without the challenges. Examples of desired outcomes: "My nervous system is calm." "My body is full of healthy cells, and stable energy levels." "I forgive myself for financial mistakes, and I make healthy spending choices now. " "All aspects of my subconscious are mature and respond to others in a healthy way." etc.

You may email your list of desired outcomes to Cai by the registration deadline, and she will also hold those intentions for you during the session, however this is optional. There will be an opportunity to state your intentions during the session.

If you are new to the group and class sessions, please email a current photo of yourself before the registration deadline.

It is ideal if you can give yourself a small window of time to take it easy immediately following a session - 15 minutes before engaging in your next task is a good amount of transition time. It is recommended to drink extra water the day of a treatment.

* IMPORTANT: DO NOT DRIVE while receiving this treatment - DO NOT USE recording devices - DO NOT ATTEND if you are pregnant  - Kids under 18 years old may not attend.


During the session you may lie down or sit in a chair. It is best to be in a position that feels the most comfortable for you. Most people use a headset or speakerphone during the session.

The most helpful way to participate in the session is to relax and enjoy, and keep an open mind. There is no right or wrong way to experience the session.

Some of the things said during the session may be foreign to you, or may not resonate with you, or you may not believe in it. If that is the case, please just ignore it. It's not important to resonate with what is being said in order to receive healing. Again, the most important thing is to enjoy some relaxation time.

During the session you will hear Cai coughing and/or taking deep breaths. This is her way of clearing obstacles. You are encouraged to perceive the coughing as obstacles being removed, which then creates opening for new, positive things to happen for you.

Many people report having a physical or emotional experience during sessions. The most common experiences reported are gurgling sounds in the intestines, or a tingling or wave sensation throughout the body, or a light pressure and then release throughout the body. Other experiences are, deep relaxation or dream-like state, emotional release, improved mood, or feeling lighter and more optimistic.

After a session some people feel energized, some feel the need to rest, some feel their energy level is similar to before the session. It is helpful to drink extra water on the day of a session.

It is very rare, but on occasion after a session one may experience a headache or stomachache, heightened negative emotions or deep fatigue - similar to how one might feel after a deep physical cleanse. This is easy to remedy by drinking water, resting, and contacting Cai to report this experience. Cai can easily adjust your energy field and bring you back into balance in a short period of time, so it is recommended that you notify her as soon as the discomfort arises.